Virtual Institute — High Productivity Supercomputing

34th VI-HPS Tuning Workshop (EPCC, Scotland)


Tuesday 28th - Thursday 30th July, 2020.


The workshop will be held online, using the Collaborate platform.

Co-organizing Institutions



This workshop is organised by VI-HPS for the UK PRACE Advanced Training Centre to:

  • give an overview of the VI-HPS programming tools suite
  • explain the functionality of individual tools, and how to use them effectively
  • offer hands-on experience and expert assistance using the tools

On completion participants should be familiar with common performance analysis and diagnosis techniques and how they can be employed in practice (on a range of HPC systems). Those who prepared their own application test cases will have been coached in the tuning of their measurement and analysis, and provided optimization suggestions.

Programme Overview

Presentations and hands-on sessions are on the following topics:

  • BSC tools for trace analysis and performance prediction
  • TAU performance system
  • Score-P instrumentation and measurement
  • Scalasca automated trace analysis
  • MAQAO performance analysis and optimization
  • MAP+PR profiling and performance reports

A brief overview of the capabilities of these and associated tools is provided in the VI-HPS Tools Guide.

The workshop will be held in English and run from 09:00 to not later than 18:00 each day, with breaks. There is no fee for participation.


The workshop introduces tools that provide a practical basis for portable performance analysis of parallel application execution, covering both profiling and tracing. It will be delivered as a series of presentations with associated hands-on practical exercises using the UK's ARCHER Cray XC30 supercomputer.

While analysis of provided example codes will be used to guide the class through the relevant steps and familiarise with usage of the tools, coaching will also be available to assist participants to analyse their own parallel application codes and may suggest opportunities for improving their execution performance and scalability.


The recordings of the sessions are available on the ARCHER2 Youtube page:

Programme - all times given as BST (UTC+1)

Day 1: Tuesday 28th July
09:00 Welcome messages [David Henty, EPCC]
  • EPCC and the PRACE Training Centre
  • Archer Cray XC30 computer system and software environment
  • 09:15 Introduction [Cédric Valensi, UVSQ]
  • Introduction to VI-HPS & overview of tools
  • Introduction to parallel performance engineering
  • Lab setup
  • Building and running NPB-MZ-MPI/BT-MZ on Archer Cray XC30 [Brian Wylie, JSC]
  • 10:30 (break)
    11:00 BSC performance tools [Judit Giménez & Lau Mercadal, BSC]
  • Tools installation
  • BSC tools hands-on exercises
  • 12:30
    14:00 Hands-on coaching to apply BSC tools to analyze codes.
    15:30 (break)
    16:00 TAU performance system [Sameer Shende, UOregon]
  • TAU hands-on exercises
  • 17:30 Review of day and schedule for remainder of workshop
    18:00 (adjourn)

    Day 2: Wednesday 29th July
    09:00 Instrumentation & measurement with Score-P [Brian Wylie & Christian Feld, JSC]
  • Score-P hands-on exercises
    Execution profile analysis report exploration with CUBE
  • CUBE hands-on exercises
  • 10:30 (break)
    11:00 Score-P analysis scoring & measurement filtering  [Brian Wylie & Christian Feld, JSC]
  • Score-P specialized instrumentation and measurement
  • Automated trace analysis with Scalasca
  • Scalasca hands-on exercises
  • 12:30
    14:00 Hands-on coaching to apply Score-P/Scalasca to analyze codes.
    15:30 (break)
    16:00 Hands-on coaching to apply TAU to analyze codes.
    17:30 Review of day and schedule for remainder of workshop
    18:00 (adjourn)

    Day 3: Thursday 30th July
    09:00 MAQAO performance tools suite [Emmanuel Oseret & Jasper Salah Ibnamar, UVSQ]
  • MAQAO hands-on exercises (MAQAO quick reference)
  • 10:30 (break)
    11:00 Hands-on coaching to apply MAQAO to analyze codes.
    14:00 ARM MAP and performance reports [Rudy Shand & Ryan Hulguin, ARM]
  • ARM MAP hands-on exercises
  • 15:30 (break)
    16:00 Hands-on coaching to apply ARM MAP to analyze codes.
    17:30 Review of workshop
    18:00 (adjourn)

    Hardware and Software Platforms

    ARCHER: Cray XC30 with 3008 compute nodes consisting of two 12-core Intel E5-2697 (IvyBridge) processors sharing 64GB (or 128GB) of NUMA memory, Aries dragonfly interconnect, Cray MPI, Cray, GCC & Intel compilers, PBS Pro job management system. Training accounts will be provided.


    Registration is via the PRACE training portal.


    Local Arrangements

    David Henty
    EPCC, The University of Edinburgh
    Phone: +44 (0)131 650 5960
    Email: d.henty[at]

    Tuning Workshop Series

    Cédric Valensi
    Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
    Phone: +33 1 77 57 59 36
    Email: cedric.valensi[at]


    PRACE This workshop is a PRACE training centre (PTC) event, organised by VI-HPS & the UK PRACE Advanced Training Centre.