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MAQAO (Modular Assembly Quality Analyzer and Optimizer) is a performance analysis and optimisation framework operating at binary level, with a focus on core performance. Its main goal is to guide application developers along the optimization process through synthetic reports and hints. The tool mixes both dynamic and static analyses based on its ability to reconstruct high level structures such as functions and loops from an application binary. Since MAQAO operates at binary level, it does not require recompiling the application to perform analyses.
MAQAO assesses the code quality of the most time-consuming loops and provides a best-case estimation of the performance that can be reached, along with some hints on how to achieve it in terms of source code transformations, compiler flags, pragmas, etc..

Programming models

Agnostic to programming models (working on the binary level). Mostly useful for single-node performance, but works also with PThreads/OpenMP and MPI.


Open source: LGPLv3 (planned)


Li-Parad / Université de Versailles Paris Saclay

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