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Linaro, LTD.

Linaro offers ready-to-use market leading software tools that help users maximise the efficiency of software for HPC by providing them with the ability to optimize the performance and efficiency of their code from the latest compilers and Fortran & C++ standards to Intel & AMD x86, 64-bit Arm, and GPUs.

In 2023, Linaro Ltd. acquired ARM Forge, which was initially acquired from Allinea Software, at the time an industry leader in development and performance analysis tools that maximize the efficiency of software for high performance computing (HPC) systems. Currently, 80 percent of the world's top 25 supercomputers use Linaro's software tools, with key customers including the US Department of Energy, NASA, a range of supercomputing national labs and universities, and private companies using HPC systems for their own scientific computation.  Linaro Forge is a unique toolset that provides developers with the ability to deal with systems with hundreds, thousands (and hundreds of thousands) of cores. The product suite includes an application debugger called Linaro DDT and a performance analyzer called Linaro MAP, and an analysis tool for system owners, users and administrators called Linaro Performance Reports. [more]