Virtual Institute — High Productivity Supercomputing


(2008 - 2010)

The POINT project for Productivity from Open, Integrated Tools has similar goals to VI-HPS, and complementary activities in deploying an integrated performance tools environment for NSF-funded HPC centres, such as TeraGrid sites in the USA.


POINT provides the PerfSuite and TAU tools, which can interoperate with VI-HPS tools Scalasca and Vampir:

[POINT] [Tools interoperability diagram] [VI-HPS]

  • PerfSuite can generate profile analysis reports for examination and processing with Scalasca/CUBE3, in addition to TAU/ParaProf.
  • TAU instrumenter can link Scalasca and VampirTrace measurement libraries, PDT can be used for selective source-level Scalasca & VampirTrace instrumentation, and its ParaProf browser can present Scalasca analysis reports.
  • OPARI provided by Scalasca is also used by TAU and VampirTrace for processing OpenMP and POMP directives into instrumentation calls.
  • Scalasca trace experiment archives can be interactively visualized by Vampir (with or without file conversion).
  • All of the tools can include hardware counter metrics provided by the PAPI library in their measurements and analyses.

Several joint POINT/VI-HPS tutorials and hands-on workshops have already taken place and further are planned: see Training for details. These feature exercises using a Linux LiveDVD with a typical HPC development environment for MPI and/or OpenMP containing all of the POINT & VI-HPS tools (also available as an ISO disk image for download).