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Open|SpeedShop (O|SS) is a comprehensive and extensible performance analysis tool set. It is built around the concept of “Experiments” that allow the user to easily gather a variety of different performance statistics about an application. This includes Program Counter (PC) sampling, a light weight way to get an overview of application performance bottlenecks; Call Stack Sampling analysis, a technique to find hot call paths; Hardware Performance Counters, providing access to low level information such as cache or TLB misses; MPI Profiling and Tracing, enabling users to detect MPI communication bottlenecks; I/O Profiling and Tracing to study an application's I/O characteristics; and Floating Point Exception (FPE) analysis to detect floating point exceptions that can slow down applications. O|SS is developed by the Krell Institute in close collaboration with the NNSA Tri-Labs and under funding by the U.S. Department of Energy. LLNL is coordinating the technical interactions as well as the further development between the National Laboratories and Krell and has been active for several years in further developing and promoting the tool set. Within VI-HPS, LLNL is the main contact for Open|SpeedShop.

Programming models

MPI, Pthreads, Hybrid MPI/Pthreads, OpenMP indirectly through Pthreads, GPU support soon


Open source: LGPL