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CBTF - The Componet Based Tool Framework

The Component Based Tool Framework (CBTF) provides a scalable tree-based data transport and dynamic aggregation system built on top of MRNet. It implements mechanisms to transport data from the application from its creation point at the application level, up the MRNet tree to the client tool, where the user operate on or view the data. Tool developers using CBTF can develop individual analysis components and deploy them in the CBTF infrastructure through a series of component networks that run on various levels of the CBTF transport tree. Using a dataflow principle, these component networks are used to analyze performance and debugging data on the fly during its transport. CBTF is developed by the Krell Institute in close collaboration with the NNSA Tri-Labs and in partnership with ORNL, the Universities of Wisconsin and Maryland. LLNL is coordinating the technical interactions as well as the further development between the National Laboratories and Krell and has been active for several years in further developing and promoting the tool set. Within VI-HPS, LLNL is the main contact for CBTF.

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Open source: LGPL