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UNITE - Unified Tool Environment

High-performance clusters often provide multiple MPI libraries and compiler suites for parallel programming. This means that parallel programming tools which often depend on a specific MPI library, and sometimes on a specific compiler, need to be installed multiple times, once for each combination of MPI library and compiler which has to be supported. In addition, over time, newer versions of the tools also get released and installed. One way to manage many different versions of software packages, used by many computing centers all over the world, is the "module" software. However, each center provides a different set of tools, has a different policy on how and where to install different software packages, and how to name the different versions.

UNITE tries to improve this situation for debugging and performance tools by

  • specifying exactly how and where to install the different versions of tool software packages (including integrating the tools to the maximum possible degree),
  • defining standard module names for tools and their different versions, and
  • supplying pre-defined module files which provide standardized, well-tested tool configurations,
  • but still being flexible enough to be able to co-exist with site-local installations, restrictions, and policies.

Further information including detailed documentation and source code can be found at the UNITE website.

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Partner projects

Parts of UNITE were funded under

     EU ITEA2 project ParMA

     EU FP7 project HOPSA