Virtual Institute – High Productivity Supercomputing


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Current News

VI-HPS Tuning Workshop, 23-27 Apr. 2018more information
SC17 conference tutorials, 12-13 Nov. 2017more information
Extreme-Scale Programming Tools Workshop (ESPT2017), 12 Nov. 2017more information
VI-HPS became 10 years oldmore information

Past News

26th VI-HPS Tuning Workshop, 16-20 Oct. 2017more information
25th VI-HPS Tuning Workshop, 27-31 March 2017more information
ISC-HPC17 Tutorial, 18 June 2017more information
10th Anniversary of VI-HPS, 23 June 2017more information
24th VI-HPS Tuning Workshop, 8-10 Feb. 2017more information
SC16 conference tutorials, 13-14 Nov. 2016more information
Extreme-Scale Programming Tools Workshop (ESPT2016), 13 Nov. 2016more information
23rd VI-HPS Tuning Workshop, 27-29 July 2016more information
22nd VI-HPS Tuning Workshop, 6-8 July 2016more information
ISC-HPC16 Tutorial, 19 June 2016more information